Income Tax

Giles County, Virginia

Virginia law imposes individual income tax filing requirements on virtually all Virginia residents, as well as on nonresidents who receive income from Virginia. Virginia individual tax returns are due on May 1st every year. Any tentative tax due must be paid with a special voucher, Form 760IP, by the original due date for filing the return. The tentative tax is 2% per month. There is no penalty for filing a refund after the due date.

Your Giles County Commissioner’s office can prepare your Virginia tax return; we also provide Tax forms,  and other assistance. Please visit our office with a copy of your Federal Income Tax Return and all W-2s you may have received .

Federal Income Tax Preparation

For the current tax year, if your total income is 49,000 or less, you may qualify for free Federal income tax preparation, free e-file. Call (540) 921-3331 to see if you qualify