Real Estate

The Commissioner of Revenue’s Office is responsible for the records management and assessments for all real property located in Giles County. Obtaining deeds of bargain and sale, deeds of correction, and lists of heirs, wills and other records from the Clerk of the Circuit Court allows us to complete the transfer of ownership of property. It is important to maintain timely recordings of transfers to ensure that current owners of property are assessed and taxed. Our records are accessible to the public and widely used by Realtors, attorneys, title search personnel, prospective home buyers, sellers, appraisers, and surveyors. We maintain history files of all parcels of land in the County as well as information specific to each parcel that includes: ownership, deed and plat references, ownership history, and specific house information.

Assessed Values

The values are set every four to six years during the general reassessment. The purpose of the general reassessment is to bring assessed values in line with fair market value. The assessors start the process of determining what the fair market value is on your property by first  completing a sales ratio report. The assessors take all of the recent arms length transactions in a particular county and compare the recent sale price to the previous assessment value. This gives them a base to determine what the fair market value is in the county.